Saturday, May 12, 2012

What do we miss?

Today, I was reading the passage from Mark 9 about Jesus going up on the mountain and taking with him Peter, James and John.  What a special moment to witness it was!  

Peter is so excited like any of us would have been and he wanted to mark the moment for his memory or mark the spot so that it would never be forgotten.  So he opens his mouth and ask why don't we build three shelters. The Word goes on to tell us that he didn't really know what to say, so knowing Peter like we do from the Word he speaks what comes to his mind without any thought.  How often do we do the same?  First thought out it comes and the moment it's out we want to hit rewind right back into our mouths and back to our mind?  Well, I admit I do this quite frequently!

I love Peter because I see myself in him.  I relate to him.  I blunder, but I love the LORD and so did Peter!  How many of you are with me?  We love the LORD, but we sometimes get in the way?

Truthfully, I think Peter realized how special this moment was and he wanted to mark it down forever!  You know that moment that you know God speaks to you and you write it in your journal or in your blog?  It is committing it to your memory through keeping note of it.  Or perhaps Peter wanted to stay on in the midst of this mountaintop experience forever?  Ever wanted to just stay right there on the mountain never to return to the valley even though we know that is where the fruit is made?

What are we missing because we either forget to mark the experience or because we hang to long on the mountain resting in the afterglow?  

Read Mark 9 and see what God speaks to you.

Again, perhaps the LORD is telling me to think before I speak...but then again the LORD wants our relationship with Him and He wants truth from us.  So, perhaps even if the truth isn't pretty He wants us to speak it and allow Him the opportunity to spend time with Him to clean us up ~ just like He did Peter!  

So spend time with the LORD!  Don't miss out on the mountaintop experience or the valley because He will show up in both places!

Sweet blessings,

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