Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More, More, More

The picture above a little blurred, but you are able to see our beautiful girl, Sadie hanging out the window anticipating a branch or limb in the road above.  She loves to try and grab anything that gets in her way.  She absolutely loves to ride in Colorado and explore.  Every evening I ask her Sadie are you ready to go riding and she is standing at the back door jumping and going in circles.  Excitement is the only way to describe how she acts.  I love watching her.  She simply can't get enough!

Well, that is me.  I can't get enough of Jesus and I only want to share, share, share, and share some more!  I look a lot like Sadie, but I don't want to turn people off so I try not to jump up and down on them and turn in circles for fear they will think I need special meds or something.  It's so true though!  I only want everyone to desire more and more and be sure that I've done my part whatever that might be to give it to them or to provide an opportunity for God to show up!  It's exciting getting to see Him work and I hang out the window just like Sadie for the opportunity to be a part of God's Work!

Don't miss out on special times with Jesus!

Sweet blessings,


She even instructs me which fun path we might try each evening!  We even went on 4 wheel drive roads just the two of us and it's exciting watching moose, deer, and elk explore looking for their evening meals!  Again, are you excited for more of Jesus?  You don't have to jump and down like Sadie, but we should have a different look about us that others desire and want for themselves!

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Rozi said...

Aw, she is so sweet