Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pray, Pray, Pray

Do you ever feel lead to write something, but thing this is so awful no one will finish reading it?  Not necessarily how badly written it might be, but that these things I am about to share with you are actually happening?  We must open our eyes to the things that are happening around the world and in our own backyards ( so to speak)  Yes, it happens right here in Shreveport/Bossier.  I know not to the degree that is it in other parts of the world, but it is happening.

I apologize before hand and if you can’t finish reading at least begin to pray for the children that are being sold daily into a life that no one should ever have to endure!  Please follow the link to the NY Times article that I am posting about the situation right here in America.  Also, please read more articles by Nicholas Kristof, a man that is trying to raise awareness world wide about this terrible situation!

I am going to introduce you to a few stories that are hard to believe, but are true.  The first is a young girl arrives at the brothel in Cambodia, Taiwan, India, and more countries after having been sold by her family for various reasons among them they simply needed the money to purchase food, medicine, or a karaoke machine.  Yes, a karaoke machine.  This young mom lived near the Manila airport with many children and although they were poor they had food, but she wanted a karaoke machine which cost several hundred dollars.  So the mom sold her oldest daughters ages 10 and 12 to various men to acquire the money to make the purchase.  Eventually these two young girls were taken from their own mother and placed in a shelter. 

Another story is about some young girls that found a woman in the middle of the road who appeared to be ill.  The woman appearing to appreciate their help offered them cookies.  The cookies were drugged the girls passed out.  The woman hired a taxi to take them to a brothel that she tried to arrange their sale.  These girls were blessed because the taxi driver realized what was happening and rushed the girls safely home.  A lot of girls are not so fortunate.

Another young girl was smuggled across the border from Vietnam and sold into the life at the age of 14.  She is a virgin and her asking price is $500, after that the price goes down to $10, another week it will drop to $5, eventually $2 to $3.  Servicing up to 10 to 12 men in one night.  Perhaps none of them wearing condoms meaning the rise of young women being infected with diseases.  The girls are becoming younger and younger so that it is less likely they will be infected and give these men anything!  Yes, these young girls are never allowed to be little girls.  One young girl stated how could she be made at her mother for selling her after all she was sick and needed the medicine.  It is hard for all of us to comprehend, but we must!  WE have to help!

You ask why I am sharing this information with you perhaps – well to open eyes!  To raise awareness and ask you to pray for these young women!  We are all able to pray right here for someone to cross their path and change the route that becomes their fate of a brothel.  Yes, we can pray for more taxi drivers to be aware and return the girls back home.  We might ask that someone realize and rescue them away from this awful life.  We just need to pray that someone will rescue the girls and take them to one of the different homes that have been setup to educate them, to love on them with the love of Christ, to give them hope and a whole new world.  ALL of us must begin to pray and share with friends this awful situation that is happening everywhere!

Another way that you might help is go their websites read about the different ministries and share with people in your part of the world!  Some of them include the Princess Home, Rabah Bazaar and these are just two of them!  So many trying to help these women.  We offer the jewelry in the Journey of Sisters Ministry office on Line Avenue and we can help right here by purchasing this jewelry, but we don’t care if you buy it from us!  All I am asking is that you become aware and do your part however you want to help!  Begin this morning by lifting up someone to cross the path of a young girl that is about to be taken by the evil way and return her to safety!  We don’t have to know their name God already does!

Shopping times today are from one until seven tonight at 6030 Line Avenue, Suite 340!  Share with your friends!  Hope to see you!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Even though some things are hard for us to hear, read, or face we must. If we are not aware, how can we know to pray or do whatever God leads us to do in the matter? Debbie, thanks for making us aware.