Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Open...No barriers

Open up the door!  Let me in...break down the barriers!  Do you ever hear the Spirit speaking the words open up?  Let me in Debbie.  Don't close off your world Debbie ~ grow with Me.  Trust Me Debbie.  Hold my Hand and let go.  Anybody with me?

I took this dark picture to give you a glimpse of my quiet time area on my patio.  God meets with me regularly here in one of my very favorite places.  He points out things that I'm not handling well.  He gives me encouragement.  He shows His love through His Mighty Words, but constantly He tells me I have to open up.

I struggle with letting go of what I think is control.  In reality, we have no control!  Why is this so hard to grasp?  Especially for women (I think).  I know when I trust and let go it ends up being a WOW adventure that blows my mind, but it's not easy!

In scripture the last several weeks over and over in different manners the word "open" keeps coming up!  In the story of Mary and Martha it came up in Sunday school and the word "open" jumped off the page at me.  Today, I was studying again and I looked at this story in a different version and it was welcome.  It got me to thinking do I welcome God to come into my life and break down barriers?  I would love to shout a resounding YES, but sometimes it's a quieter well maybe...I'm not proud of this!  I want to shout YES, LORD take me I'm willing, but sometimes it seems like well okay, but I'm kicking and screaming the whole way.  

You know what either way kicking and screaming or holding His hand ~ His way is better than my way!  Okay I said it out loud and I mean it!  Does it mean that it's easy to open up that door and say come on in?  No.

Barriers need to come down.  I need to welcome Him with the door thrown wide open come into my space and rock my world!  Today, in Jesus Calling the words "where all barriers between you and My Glory will be removed" jumped off the page.  I know the Lord is speaking open up, bring those walls down, let me IN so that I may bless you Debbie.  Anybody with me?  Anybody else need a blessing from Our Father?  Well, perhaps like me; we need to open the door and invite Him in to rock our world again!


P.S.  Wanted you to know that my days were mixed up according to the calendar, but not according to God.  He had me read tomorrow's today...Tell me HE isn't the Almighty with a Plan!

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