Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wonder moment...

Wow moment that I had to share with all my friends!  

Many of you know my sister, Frankie.  Well we aren't really sisters, but we are...God brought us together! Anyway, she is experiencing a difficult time right now with her beautiful daughter, Audrey going through breast cancer surgery a week ago Thursday and then her dad got sick.  Her dad has been facing health issues for several years now and Frankie has pretty much been his partner with Dr. visits, hospital stays, and stuff like that.  She got a call on I think it was Thursday saying he wasn't doing good and she was on her way to pick up her little grandson and she could not stop the tears.  She remembered thinking to herself why can't I stop crying?  She expressed that she was upset because she didn't want to show a lack of faith, because that wasn't it -  she just could not stop the tears.

Well, she came in to see her dad this weekend.  Of course, I call her and ask can we meet for lunch.  After all, I need my sister fix too while she is here of some giggle time, if it's possible.  We set a time and place.  In the meantime, I feel the Holy Spirit prompt me to go in and take her some of my books. ( I didn't know at the time about her asking why can't I stop crying and that she never wanted to show a lack of faith in whatever God is doing.)  Well, I go to all my books and you guessed it the one above was the one I grabbed the other was about showing mercy.  We meet I tell her that I brought her some books and she looks at them the mercy book is on top and she moves it and sees this book.  Her face totally changed expressions.  I wish everyone could have seen her moment realizing that God saw her in the midst of this difficult time and reminded her that He saw her! I don't think I've ever seen her eyes sparkle more! Also, He had reminded her during the actual experience of the crying time of this story from God's Word.  He reminded her that He is taking every step with her!  She will probably comment later about her moment in the comments because it was definitely a God moment of love.

I was blessed because I paid attention to the prompting to go grab some of my books and He guided my hand to the one she needed!  He used me to take His message of love to my sweet sister!  Follow your prompting it doesn't matter how silly it might seem to you ~ follow through and allow God to bless the one you bring it to, but also yourself!  It was so special! 

We did laugh.  WE did pray and thank Him for His Mighty Love!  Celebrate your friendships and allow God to be at the center of them ~ it makes the friendships even more special.

Listen, Watch, and Respond to your promptings.  Allow your Wonder Moments to Happen.

Sweet blessings,


Chantay said...

That is awesome. Glad you two got to spend time together. God is so good.

Frankie said...

A Wonderous Moment indeed! I will add a bit more to what Debbie was sharing with you all about my tears. As I was crying, which I seem to do a lot of lately, the Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus wept, and I immediately thought that I would like to know more about why Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus. Debbie didn't even know about this until I told her at lunch today. Well, I was just amazed when I saw the title of the book(When Jesus Wept) that Debbie brought to me! How kind of The Lord to allow my sweet "sister " to be His instrument and hand deliver me a message. What a Wonderous Moment!