Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Day...

I love this pic!  I took this at the beginning of the summer and today marks the beginning of the fall for a lot of us.  Oh, we will indeed still have days that feel like the middle of summer, but it is the beginning of school, football, falling leaves (maybe just because it is so dry, but) festivals, so many things that we all treasure.  Do you ever think about how when the seasons change the things you look forward to with each one?

Winter is hot chocolate, snowy days in the south when we get to stay home because none of us know how to drive in the stuff....some of us think we do, but well most of us don't!!! I really have to look hard for stuff about winter other than these two because I don't like being cold...sweaters scratch or make me itch and bundled up and running in the cold to get inside well anyway we all including me have something we like about the winter!  I know!  A great fire with a good book ~ I love that!

Spring we love the beginning of flowers blooming, warm days without sweaters, birds, butterflies, smiles, longer days, sunshine, and more sunshine!  I love the light!!!! Life beginning and budding out, starting over...oh I love the spring!

Summer well we love swimming, cooking outside, travel, adventure, exploring, and so much more!  

We are treated everyday with so many things that we love!  Are we praising God for each and everyone? Are we praising Him for the ones we don't as well..(cold, wet, winters) I love the words found in Psalm 118:1 ~
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Yes indeed, fall, winter, spring, or summer everyday God's love endures forever!  Thank you Lord for loving me!

Sweet blessings and enjoy this day with your friends and family,

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