Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I will tell...

Anybody ever spot one of these little critters on your trips to the mountains?  Did you hear the warning they sent to the whole mountain top about your arrival in their space?  A high pitched shrill kind of noise?  Well, they are sharing the news with all their buddies about company coming to the mountain.  I love them.  They have so much personality, but I side track...They share the news of your arrival is the point of my sharing this photo.

In Psalm 9:1 these words are written:
I will praise you, O Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.

We must tell of all God's wonders.  He is so still in the business of working wonders and we need to share them with others!  God wants us to tell about what HE is doing in our life not what we are doing, but what HE is doing.  I know we live in a me, me, me, world, but it's not about me or you - it's about Our Creator!  It's truly is all about Him and the quicker we realize it and begin the share we get to begin the most awesome adventure sharing in HIS WONDERS.

Share today.

Sweet blessings,

It's a marmot

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Frankie said...

What is that little critter?