Friday, September 27, 2013

Whose your boss?

Yesterday I was talking with a young man that helps me in my yard.  John is a man with special needs, but he loves to take care of the neighborhood yards.  He helps a lot of people around where I live and he truly is a huge help!

We were talking and he looked up at me with is special way and said "So Mrs. Debbie you still working for God?"  that's his way of asking about the ministry and I said Yes John I am.  It looks a little different, but I'm still working for God.  Well, Mrs. Deb He is the best boss!

He's right God is the best boss!  Slowly, I turned and said you do know you work for Him to right?  Sure do Mrs. Deb.

It's pretty cool to know who My True Boss is...So whose your boss?

Sweet blessings,

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