Saturday, September 7, 2013

What do you need?

Lately, I've been spending time just being with the Lord.  Yep, I don't feel guilty about it.  Yes, I still have lots of things I need to be doing, but I've realized that the list truly gets done quicker if I stop and sit with the LORD.

The picture above is the water in the pool.  I sit quietly; before, I've always had my books and I am reading at a feverish pitch, but now ... I sit, I float, I listen and it's fabulous.  

Recently, the story of the rich young ruler as been brought to me through different readings and the thought that keeps crossing my mind is what do I truly need.  Many of you know that I went through a fire several years ago and lost it all.  I realized during this walk that stuff was just stuff and we don't take it with us and I was able to let go of stuff.  Still I clung to different things that I thought I needed whether it was other's approval or acceptance or my time.  I think the Lord is showing me that anything we cling to whether it is physical stuff or someone  ~  We have to let go of all of it to truly be with the LORD.

My calendar was something I clung to so desperately.  It was as if the calendar being full gave my life purpose.  The fuller the calendar was the fuller I thought my life would be well it wasn' once again the Lord taught me that just being with Him is and will give my life meaning.  Oh, it looks different it might be busy serving, doing kingdom work or it might be just being with Him.  Just the two of us with Him teaching me more and more about allowing Him to fill me up with Him.  He teaches me through His Word, through His gift of nature and creation, through others, but He constantly teaches me.  

Letting go and truly realizing it is Him that I need is a constant lesson that I seem to need over and over and I when I sit to learn; well it's amazing!

Amazed once again,

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