Monday, September 9, 2013

Blue polish...

Yes I went out of my comfort zone!  Way out of my comfort zone.  

I walked into the nail shop today.  I went to pick my color which is always some shade of pink, if I'm really out there it is still some shade of pink!

I felt that gentle push to let Teresa pick my color.  I've been going to Teresa now for well over 2 years and I love her.  She is the sweetest young woman and always happy.  She has tried for awhile to say Ms. Debbie why don't you try this and I'm like oh it's pretty, but not me.  Today, I felt the nudge to let her pick my color.  Well, she picked blue!  Blue!  I would never pick blue for myself.  I think it looks good on others, but me not so much, but the smile on her face for allowing her to pick her favorite color for me was great!

Now I'm still not sure that blue is for me, but it is until the next time.  My only problem is she's already picked out my next  color and it's purple!  Pretty, but again not sure it's me!  Oh they will be purple because if it makes her day it will make mine too!  She knows nail colors better than me anyway!

I have to admit it was a wow moment seeing the excitement on her face that I trusted her to pick for me!  She truly is a jewel with my fingers and toes!

Sweet blessings,


Frankie said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I don't know if I could do the blue either. Purple, yes. Love purple.