Thursday, September 5, 2013


Do you remember when you were little and older people (like me now) would say things to you like don't wish your life away?  Time flies when your having fun and those type of statements and you would then roll your eyes with such respect?  I know it's shocking that we acted like the younger people that surround us now.

Time does fly!  Today is one of my nephews birthday.  I remember 17 years ago being with Pam and Ken waiting on Kyle to arrive into this world.  It happened pretty quickly that day much to Pam's anguish...too fast for them to help her much with the pain.  I'll never forget his arrival into this world.  Yet it's been 17 years and he graduates this year. Time indeed does fly!  

In my quiet time this morning the word "time" kept coming to my mind.  I felt lead to think about the way I spend my time daily.  Well some of my time is spent doing things that matter, but then some of my valuable time is wasted.  Yes, wasted!  When you realize how quickly it passes yet we spend time worrying and we know in Matthew 6 by the words given by Jesus it doesn't help ~ Who of you can add a single hour to his life? Read the whole passage about worry in Matthew 6.  Why do we waste time with worry?  So many things that we waste our precious seconds doing that will never amount to anything!

Today treasure your seconds every one of them.  I searched to see how many times the word "time" is mentioned in the bible ~ some form of the word is used 888 times in the NIV version.  What are we doing with our time?  Another verse that the LORD brought to my mind is from Esther when her uncle ask her a very important question.  And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?

What might the Lord be speaking to you about time?


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