Friday, September 13, 2013


It's just hard for us to grasp some of the details in the Bible.  Times are so different.  To have water we walk in the kitchen and turn on the faucet, but not people in Jesus time.  No they had to walk to the well gather the water they needed for the day and walk back to the home.  They would have had containers that they would haul and they would have been heavy - none of this turning on and off of faucets. It was hard work to have water!

Preparing for Sunday school this weekend and studying the story found in John 2 about water into wine it really got me to thinking about so many different thoughts that we should all ponder.  One is how special Jesus treated ALL people.  His first miracle of turning this water into wine he shared with the servants none of the other guests at this wedding knew, but the servants.  The ones who made that long walk to the well to bring water for the wedding festivities witnessed this miracle.  The people that earlier in the day would have washed the guests feet with water would now witness these containers hold the water that Jesus would turn into wine.  Not just wine, but the master of the banquet thought it was the best that would have been served first just now being served!  Only Jesus!

Jesus surprises us just when we need it!  Where do you need the water turned to wine today?  Are you running low with family issues?  Are you feeling just out of it?  Are you feeling dumb?  Are you stressed to the max?  Are you feeling useless?  Are you feeling ugly?

Ask Jesus to surprise you with the refreshment that only He provides.  Allow Him to perhaps use you today to help someone be renewed...Allow Him to surprise YOU and remind You just how special you truly are!

Awaiting surprises,

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Frankie said...

Lord, please refresh me, use me and surprise me.