Monday, September 16, 2013

"Do whatever he tells you"

Powerful words from Mary the mother of Jesus, "Do whatever he tells you".  Words that sound simple enough, but...
well, we are humans that like our own way!  Especially it seems nowadays...with the its all about me world that we live in.

 No finger pointing because it's hard for all of us to be obedient.  Some times we all mess up and with that said we all need to strive to follow Mary's words, so that we will have a much much better life!

In my own journey, once I realized that indeed I don't have all the answers and realized who does my life became much better.  I discovered more adventure than ever before!  Jesus wants to fill us to the brim, so that we discover more and more of Him, but we have to let go and do what He says!

Truth only discovered by giving it a try.  I encourage you to let go.  The adventure that awaits each of us simply beyond words!  We will be changed just like the water that turned to wine and wow simply put "it will be way better than before"!

Enjoying the adventure,

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Chantay said...

Love the heart in the picture.
Do whatever he tells you. Simple enough, but we make it hard. We don't like to be told what to do. But do we really have a choice, NO.
Letting go of our way and doing it HIS way is the best way. I learned the hard way. Life is much simpler.