Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Should ? Should not? Choices

It's easy looking at the picture above which choice to make in the road right?  Well, it is still a choice whether we turn or we continue straight and make our own path?

A lot of the time in our own journey we get to make what looks like pretty simple choices to people sitting on the sidelines of our life.  We look at someone else's life and we think why in the world would they do that and yet we have done the same in our own life!  It's true!  Don't be dishonest with yourself take a good look, before I ask you to truly lay it out on the line to learn for yourself.

I want to ask some simple questions.  When you were or maybe you still are growing up ~ did you ever sneak into a movie?  Did you ever add a little bit to your job resume'?  Did you ever play hooky from school?  Did you ever use a fake id?  Did you answer yes to any of these questions?  Well...we made a choice that we know that we probably should not have done,  but we did.  Maybe you didn't do any of these, but you did something else.  What does it say about us?  Looking at these alone they don't look that bad, but they were still against the path we are suppose to take...

All of this for us to look at the story of Joseph a little bit.  In one of the studies this week we have been looking at the ancestors of Joseph and the untruths or choices that were in his family history.  The untruths that were told and then repeated along the family tree over and over again.  Untruths that continually repeated themselves if you read the story of Abram and you might think this question "how do you think Abram that you can pass your wife off as your sister and their be no consequence?  How Isaac can you do the exact same thing? How Abram is it a good thing to sleep with Hagar? How Jacob do you think you can sleep with all these women and problems not arise?  How do you think that playing favorites among your children is not going to cause a huge problem?  It's so easy to read these stories and think how did they not see what they were doing? How indeed?

The author of the study offered that she often times would ask how did Abram sleep with Hagar?  How could Sarah not wait on God? Her reply just spoke to my heart about my own life right now to these questions...it's awful easy for me to say should or should not....Her response was "Yes, they should have and they shouldn't have, but they didn't and they did and in spite of it all, God was gracious and forgiving, and continued to work in their lives to accomplish His Will."  Praise the LORD!

Are you like me and perhaps you have done this too?  You think how did they do that?  You know the right answer why didn't they?

Just this week, I was reading a book and the author stated her name which is Ann means "full of grace" and the Lord prompted me to think well your first name is Deborah which means "Bee" and my middle name is Ann which means "full of grace"  and I think He was giving me a powerful message that I am sharing with you right now...BEE FULL OF GRACE...sometimes I let my way of thinking get in the way of showing grace.  I apologize for the times that I think I know it all.  I know I fail constantly.  I also think I know the right answer a lot of the time, but it does not mean that I make the right choice all the time!  I admit I fail.  I admit that I sometimes speak when I should listen.  I hear the Lord telling me to not offer my great words of wisdom sometimes...don't get me wrong I will make another shouldn't have in the future.  After all, I am human too!

So once again I've been taught a lesson that I needed to be reminded of...I am trying to bee full of grace!  So I might sting you like a bee being full of grace!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Neat! "Bee full of grace". Don't be too hard on yourself. You or not alone. I think most us can relate to needing to listen more and not think that we need to speak or offer our advice/opinion.