Monday, August 18, 2014

Book Review on " A Christian Survival Guide"

I was intrigued with the title alone, so I signed up for this blog tour.  I wanted to review this book, so they sent it to me and I cracked open the survival guidebook according to Ed Cyzewski.

First, I want to commend Ed for being brave with some of his questions and doubts that most of us might not voice out loud.  He encourages each of us to explore the questions and find the answers for ourselves.  One of his quotes on his website was he wants each of us to "process our faith." 

One of my favorite chapters was about "Violent Bible stories", which I found interesting with questions that Ed asked us to explore in our thoughts.  One being haven't we all voted for leaders that invaded another country and yet we hold God to a different standard than we hold ourselves to?  I felt that was a very deep thought that all of us need to search our souls about after he got off my toes!

In fact, I thought a lot about the topics Ed covers in his book. It's a easy book to read, yet it goes deep.  I honestly don't know for sure how many stars to give it or whether I truly like it or not is also a great question.  I do encourage you to purchase it and read it for yourself.  I know what I believe and I stand firmly with God's Word, so I don't have to know all the answers or even try to provide one.  I trust God and know that we will never understand or have all the answers and find it assuming to give one to things we just don't know.  I guess the chapter on "Apocalypse Now" and "Hell" raised thoughts that we might ponder.  We all have theories and well that is just what they are...only God knows. 

Again, I think it's an interesting, but not exactly my way of thinking book.  I do think Ed is throwing out a life raft for people that struggle with not having all the answers.  If you need answers he is giving possible answers, but I encourage all of you to read God's Word, the Bible for those answers and then maybe pick up Ed's book to make you think about how you feel on some pretty tough topics. 

In closing, it just struck me that we all want a how to guide to get through life and well God provided it a long time ago. The bible  just sometimes gives us answers that perhaps we don't like and well then that is when we pick up a book like Ed's that provides a wider gate.  Today, it seems we are all searching for answers and that is what Ed's book did for me.  It provided me a way to know with more certainty what I believe and don't believe.  It allows you to explore the questions, the doubts, and come away knowing how you believe. (or at least it did me)

The book may be purchased at or through Ed's blog which is

Thanks Ed for sharing!

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