Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Love Letters from the Edge" written by Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez Book Review

I was given this book to review recently and I encourage you to purchase it!  It is a beautifully written book to encourage and provide hope and who doesn't need either one of those?

We are all going to face challenges in life it is just a matter of when not if.  The authors provide "light" throughout the book with their writings about their own thoughts and then writings perhaps that God would say to you in different situations along with hope from the edge and then prayers to cry out to God.  I found them very honest, very real and truthful.  I personally believe the only way through difficult times is by being real - pretending only keeps us in the situation that much longer.  (My own personal thought here)  So with that being said; I loved their approach.  I loved their honesty of asking where were you God?  Why didn't you save me from the lion's den like Daniel?  Why didn't you part the Red Sea for me?  We all have these questions and these beautiful women allow us the time to ask them as well.

So many heart wrenching  writings, but hope is given throughout.  Also, actual websites, phone numbers, books and scriptures are given at the end of the book to provide actual help that might needed in the moment.  Actual answers in hand that need someone to provide a helping hand from the edge.

I encourage each of you reading to purchase this book through to save or to read daily for that moment that will arrive or is already upon you.  The moment that you are standing on the edge saying "Why",  "what now?", "Does anybody see me?"  I believe this book provides a much needed encouraging word and a ray of sunshine along the difficult adventure of life.

I actually give this book 5 stars because I believe that indeed the title given then allows  the inside pages to become "love letters" to anyone when they are most needed!

Sweet blessings,


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Frankie said...

Appreciate the book reviews that you share. I have never been disappointed in your recommendations.