Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sharing from my heart...

Have you ever been in a situation that just boggles your mind?  

The type that you think is so clear, but it seems nobody else sees it the same way?

Well, what do you do?  Do you continue to talk to everyone around you or do you perhaps pick up God's Word?

I listen to the news.  I listen to conversations in and around me; and well it is a sad world listening to all the talk, so do I believe these situations are without hope?

NO, because I have God's Word.  What about people that don't?  How do they have hope in this world?  How do you have hope, if you aren't in a relationship with the LORD?

It is my prayer that you do, but if you don't please give yourself a gift and go to Amazon.com or a local bookstore and purchase a Bible.  Pick it up and perhaps start in John to get to know Jesus look it up in the table of contents.  Once you read about Jesus then ask Him into your heart and find a local church to get to know more about Jesus.

We do have hope and we have hope only because of Jesus!  

It breaks my heart that so many people are around us daily that don't know God's Word.  They only know one or two verses from memory or they vaguely remember something someone long ago shared with them or perhaps they don't know anything at all and part of that rest with people like me and perhaps you because we are falling down on our part of the journey.  We aren't sharing God's Word with those around us.  Share today!

I will never forget how my life changed when I actually picked up God's Word and read it for myself and He began to speak into my life.  It was just like the picture above things began to clear up and break open for my life.  I am a living testimony to the difference of just opening up the Bible and beginning this wonderful journey with Jesus.  My life changed and I know what I believe because I have a relationship with Jesus myself.  It isn't because my parents, my friends, or even my pastors told me about it...it was because I know about it myself.  Yes, all of these people made and make a difference, but Jesus is the answer!

Open it up today and discover Jesus!

Sweet blessings,

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