Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A very brave bold woman...a little like an eagle?

I wanted a picture for bold this morning for this blog.  It was interesting what came up for bold a few of the findings were eagles, bold colors, comparisons of the word bold vs. shy, a interesting man in feathers and bright colors, even an ostrich, but immediately the eagle was my choice.  It reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures from Isaiah 40:31; but those that hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles...

Indeed the woman that I want to share with you and encourage you to study is a woman that is found in 2 Kings 22.  Her name is Huldah.  Yes, don't you want to encourage your friends to name their little girls Huldah?  You will even more when you learn that it means "weazel"!  Yes, but during the times of Huldah and in the culture that wasn't necessarily a bad thing according to commentaries after all the weazel came from the mink family.  So, how many little Huldah's will we be meeting?

Seriously, Huldah is a special woman that this past week in Bible study we took a closer look into her story.  We know little, but what we do know is she was very brave.  She had a reputation that preceded her because when the king needed some help, his trusted advisers sought her out.  Yes, it would be kinda of like the president's inner circle coming to your home wanting your thoughts! 

Imagine for a moment you were going about your everyday life and suddenly a bunch of black SUV's suddenly pull up in your driveway.  You open the door and they begin to question you on what is happening around you right now.  Yes, the bad stuff going on.  Are you going to share your true thoughts or hold back?  Well, Huldah knew what God's will was and she shared His truths.  She didn't share her own feelings, she shared God's truth.  You may ask how did she know His truths?  Well, she was one of His prophets.  One of 3 women in the Old Testament referred to in this way and she was bold by speaking His Truths.  She didn't sugarcoat the truth to make anybody feel better ~ nope she spoke it exactly because she cared deeply for her nation!  She offered hope through offering the truth.  Huldah was in relationship with God and we all need  in one too.  

The story is a story of God's truth being lost.  Where was it lost?  Well, that's what's even a sadder truth...It was lost in the temple.  Yes, God's truth was housed in the temple.  It fell to disrepair and for whatever reason it was lost to the priest, the leaders everyone for years.  Is God's truth perhaps lost on some of our leaders?  Read this chapter in God's Word and ponder it for yourself and relate it to our world right now!

One way to be in relationship is to know God's Word, not what we think it says...what it really does say.  Stand for that truth!  Today, look up the story of a very special woman named Huldah that was indeed bold like the eagle soaring to new strength, because she found her hope in the LORD!

Sweet blessings,

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