Monday, September 29, 2014

"The Sacred Year" by Michael Yankoski

Are you perhaps having moments that you are asking deep questions about why or how?  Is your soul longing for something more?  Well, if you answered yes to either of these this book might be the one for you to read right now.

I was given this book to read to review by Litfuse Publicity and Thomas Nelson Publishers to give my honest thoughts about and I loved it!  I loved the honesty, the rawness of his questions and the steps he made to find answers were at times funny, at times heart wrenching, and others I was asking really?  did he really do that?

My book is dog eared on so many pages for me to go back and remember the times that spoke to my soul.  The time he wrote about dumpster diving brought laughter to my mind picturing this man reclaiming some of his things or someone else's.  Freeing is the word he used to describe the experience.

Another of the processes that Michael undertook was to actually dig a grave - (yes you read it right).  It took 1405 shovelfuls to dig the grave.  It was about trying to come to terms with his own mortality.  I think we all struggle with this, but how many of us went out to the grave yard to face it by digging a grave?  His words describing the whole process touched my heart in some weird way almost like his weird idea of doing it, but I think it brought both us both a peace.  Odd has that may sound.  Michael perhaps dug for many of us!

The Confession chapter was another one that just really grasp my attention in a whole new way of thinking.  I would not want to spoil any of this chapter for anyone other than to say comparing our sin to cancer and the way it eats away at us, but that God indeed loves us through it all.  

Michael took a journey that many of us would never be brave enough to take the steps for ourselves.  We are able to learn from his experiences and his honesty things about our own spiritual journey.  A reminder of to continually be in awe of God in the little things of life as well as the big things.  To always look for Him in each moment and perhaps to really look at an apple, or place a hazelnut in your pocket to be a reminder for you about God's amazing love!

I want to encourage you to purchase this wonderful book filled with honesty, boldness, creativity, questions, reality, and truth.  You may purchase this book at, Barnes and Noble, any place you purchase books it is available and it is worth the time and the money!  I don't think you would ever be disappointed you spent either one on this book.


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