Monday, November 30, 2015

Joy is my word for the new season and the new year!

It is my proclamation that by the end of 2016 this will be me!  Pure Joy exuding from me...the last few years I've allowed the things of the world to drag me down and you know what???

I am okay!  I am blessed!  I am loved!  God provides all that I need!

I am in the process of a study found at Time Warp that is really good about quieting ourselves for the holidays and it is teaching me already!  Teaching me with reminders that I need at this moment in time.  Reminders that God provides for the birds, so why not me!  Simple enough, but we humans tend to forget God's teachings rather than claiming them and plowing ahead!

I believe, so I am going to proclaim it.

The past few months I watched Bindi Irwin on Dancing with the Stars just embrace life and light up the world.  Each and everyone of us are provided the same resources to provide for our part of the world and if we each provide for our little section it will turn the world around!  Let's embrace God's Words, Let's believe God's Word, and Let's Walk the Talk of God's Words!  Together, we will change the world!

I was reminded in the study of this quote that is truth and truly is fabulous ~
"Look for Christ and you will find Him.  And with Him everything else."  C. S. Lewis

Look today and everyday and let's find Christ together changing the world in the process.

Sweet blessings,

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Linda said...

It's my favorite word EVER! EnJOY it this year!!!