Monday, November 2, 2015

Fascinating 5 star book!

Fabulous Read!

When Bethany House sent the list out of books to review, I knew I had to read this book!  I love the story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall.  The book was given to me for my heartfelt, honest review and well it is 5 stars or more!  

I was afraid when I signed up that well it might not be all I wanted it to be, because of my love of this story.  I was not disappointed the people just jumped off the page with their hearts, their honesty, their love for the One True God, their authenticity, their life surrounding the rebuilding of the wall.  

Nehemiah was tough, yet lovable.  I loved the unraveling of the man (Nehemiah) the older brother, the cup-bearer, the leader, the believer, the man trying to do the right thing (whatever the cost).  He was even at times amusing with his exchanges with Chana.  

Chana and her family are the family that Lynn created from Nehemiah 3:12.  A family that you grow to love and feel like they are your neighbors.  Chana was especially endearing with her relationship with Nehemiah.  The way they stood their ground with each other and the way they each felt their role must be done.  Chana was a woman you loved and hoped would find her hope through the building of the wall.  She succeeds much like each of us succeed believing God and His Words! 

I really felt these words from page 293 spoke to my heart and probably would to a lot of you ~
(Nehemiah is speaking with one of his brothers and these words are exchanged)
Nehemiah speaks to his brother "hanani...have you ever figured out why God sometimes allows evil to win?
"Are you thinking of our parents?"
"I am."
"I've thought about that a lot over the years,...and the only conclusion I've come to is that in some instances, we're incapable of understanding the Almighty One's reasons.  We just have to trust that He has a plan, even if we can't see it."  "That's the difficult part-trusting".

Such honesty is throughout this wonderful book!

It is definitely worth your time and it will touch your heart!

You may purchase this book at, Christian or your local book store and you will not regret it!

I was given this book to review by Bethany House and it definitely did not disappoint ~ in fact, it renewed my hope!

Sweet blessings,

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