Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A time...

It's all about God's timing ~ not mine!

Recently, I've had several people asking questions about where have you been?  What are you up to?  Why haven't we seen you?  What's up?

Well, I'm in a new season.  I don't know exactly would be the answer other than to say it's a growing period.  God is growing me.  Growing is interesting.  It's not always easy.  It's not always what we desire.  It's not exactly what we have on our calendars, because lots of times it presents more questions.  

I do know that I am listening and I am growing closer to Him!  It looks different from the busy season of the last ten years or so.  (that alone is very strange for me and very strange to be obedient)  I got use to the hustle and the bustle of doing ministry, but I was loosing the relationship with God.  I was doing and forgetting what sometimes we need the most - HIM!

So hope this answers a few questions for you and I leave you with this scripture that explains it a little bit from Ecclesiastes 3 ~ 
There is a right time for everything:

A time to be born;
A time to die;
A time to plant;
A time to harvest;

A time to kill;
A time to heal;
A time to destroy;
A time to rebuild;
A time to cry;
A time to laugh;
A time to grieve;
A time to dance;
A time for scattering stones;
A time for gathering stones;
A time to hug;
A time not to hug;
A time to find;
A time to lose;
A time for keeping;
A time for throwing away;
A time to tear;
A time to repair;
A time to be quiet;
A time to speak up;
A time for loving;
A time for hating;
A time for war;
A time for peace

It's time for me to just let God teach me in this growing that is where I am.  

Sweet blessings,

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