Monday, March 28, 2016


How often do we not see?  I mean really see!

Yesterday, I felt the Lord really leading me to Luke 24 with the story of the walk to Emmaus.  Over and over it was rolling in my head how often do I miss that Jesus is with me?  How often am I business as usual going about everyday life and I miss Jesus because I don't take the time to be with Him?  I don't take the time to open His Word up and see?  I don't hear the Word He is whispering over and over in my ear because I am focused on things of this world that just aren't that important...the stuff of this world that catches our focus and we miss out on Him!

I love this story...these 2 people are so human.  Caught up in the Jesus story yet they don't recognize Him  ~ until they are focusing on the words Jesus is sharing and the breaking of the bread with Him!  Do you ever have a light bulb moment and suddenly you hear plain as day what He has been doing in your life trying to get your attention for months, days, even longer?

Isn't it cool that He meets on the road wherever we are headed?  He pursues us!

Check out Luke 24:32 (read the whole story) but I loved this verse...
They began telling each other how their hearts had felt strangely warm as He talked with them and explained the Scripture during the walk down the road.  Isn't it true?  Strangely warm is Jesus working in our hearts!  I know you feel it too!  Share His Words with those you meet and don't miss a moment!

Sweet blessings,

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