Monday, April 25, 2016

Frogs, Boils, Manna, Counted with the Stars, God's Amazing Love ~ Absolutely fascinating book!

I love this cover and I love this book!

I am captured from the beginning with a beautiful young woman's whole world is turned upside down, when her world of having a lot goes to being a slave.  Imagine it!  A young lady that once attended the party as a upper class is now a slave waiting on those she was once an equal.  Connilyn captures me from the beginning to follow Kiya's story all the way to how she travels to the promise land and becomes a daughter to Yahweh!

I felt the frogs!  I felt the boils, I tasted the sweet manna, I felt the joy of realizing that indeed Kiya was counted with the stars!  I felt her longing.  I felt her pain of her whole world being torn apart.  I felt her longing for more, but what was the more?  I felt her joy with new friendship with the young strange Hebrew girl.  I felt her wonder with how could this young girl stand up for her mistake.  The questions of why would she care about me.  I felt her pain of realizing that her world wasn't at all like she believed.  I felt the beginning of new love and acceptance.

I loved this book that I received from Bethany House for my honest review!  I have already pre-ordered from Amazon the next book in the series to find out what happens next!  I can't wait until October.  If you love to read and you love the Bible then order this book and become fascinated with the different perspectives of the things that happened surrounding the Exodus of God's people from Egypt.

Also, go check out Connilyn's website to see the next book's cover.
it's beautiful!

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