Monday, May 23, 2016

Broken for the broken?

Yesterday, I got up early and read Nehemiah 1.  I knew that Pastor Aaron at Summer Grove was going to be sharing from Nehemiah, so I thought I'll read chapter 1 and see what jumps off the pages at me.  I read the chapter and the question that rolled in my mind was "Do I weep and mourn the broken?".  I pondered the question and even mentioned to Frankie when she and Steve came into worship about reading the passage and that it struck me that Nehemiah was so heart broken over the wall being in disrepair and all that the wall symbolized to the Jewish people and yet what truly broke my heart?

I mentioned that it broke my heart to be honest with myself and ask myself the question when was the last time I was heart broken over the lost?  over the __________?(you fill in the blank)  I mean really heartbroken for longer than 15 minutes about something that didn't touch me directly, but still should break my heart.  Don't get me wrong I feel and think I am hurting, but this passage really made me search my heart.

Nehemiah is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.  I love Nehemiah's heart.  I love Nehemiah's loyalty.  I love Nehemiah's determination.  I love Nehemiah's honesty.  So I was super excited when I heard that Pastor Aaron was going to preach this series on Nehemiah.

Well, I learned some new things that made me love this story even more.  First off, Nehemiah heard this news about the wall in November/December and didn't even approach the king until March/April.  Nehemiah was on his knees broken in prayer for 4 to 5 months.  Seriously, I mentioned 15 minutes above think about how much Nehemiah was stirred by God to action, but yet he still approached God on his knees for months in how to respond and when to respond. 

Another thing that always gets my attention is that Nehemiah was brave enough to show his emotions after the months of prayer.  He knew God was in control.  After all, if Nehemiah had shown his emotions without God in control and showed sadness the king could immediately have him killed.  Instead, Nehemiah received his desire to return and rebuild the wall.

Also, this is not a hop, skip and a jump and you arrive at your destination.  No it is between 600 and 800 miles depending on your route!  Nehemiah was determined to travel by foot to rebuild a wall!  He knew the importance of this wall to the Jewish people.  Yet Nehemiah had never been to Jerusalem.  He only knew from his readings of God's word yet he believed God's word.  Nehemiah was surrounded with non-believers and yet he knew in his heart who God was and he trusted what God was showing him in prayer that he was to do.  When was the last time that we trusted and moved?

Pastor Aaron ask the question in a little different way than it struck me, but it was a very profound way.

"When was the last time I was more concerned with God's glory than my own?"  I don't know about you, but this question is one that we all need to give some honest reflection.  In the "me" centered world the answer might not be what any of us would like to believe about ourselves.

I want to close with the answer that some of you may wonder -- why would you love the book of  Nehemiah so much?  The answer is hope that is found in this book.  Broken walls are not beyond repair!  My broken walls, your broken walls Jesus is able to repair!  Hope yes hope!

Join us for the rest of this series at Summer Grove Baptist to hear about the hope offered in this amazing book of Nehemiah.

Sweet blessings,

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