Friday, March 31, 2017

Because I love you...

How do you decide how much you matter?  Are you struggling with the issue of do I really matter?  Well, the answer is yes!  You matter a great deal and in Isaiah 43:4 these words provide so much hope and love for each of us...
Since you are precious and honored in my sight; and because I love you.

Who loves you?  God loves you!  You are precious and honored in HIS sight.  Don't look to this world for your self worth look to God.  I treasure these words that God provides to remind us of who He is and that is truly what is important.

Ladies, look around you.  Who is struggling?  Who feels alone?  Who needs a smile?  Who needs a helping hand?  Provide the smile.  Provide the hand.  Provide an encouraging word.  WE can help to change the tone of this world that we move around in everyday just by sharing this wonderful reminder of who truly thinks we are precious and loved.

I know that some of you feel alone and that nobody understands where you are and truth be known we don't.  Unless someone walks in those shoes then, we don't truly understand.  We don't even know how to understand, until we actually walk in the shoes of different life issues.

My husband walks in pain everyday.  Terrible pain that never goes away, but he goes everyday never stopping providing for all of us that he loves.  He hurts with each step, but yet he knows deep inside that God knows his pain and will help him through each step.  I know his pain only because of the pain in his eyes, the way he tries to get out of bed, the slowness of his steps, but I try to do little things to help him get through.  I make sure we are on the calendar for his shots he gets in his back.  I try to make sure he gets to anything that might help relieve the pain.  Whether it is cold therapy or massages whatever to help ease the pain.  But do I really understand his pain?  No.  It's not my pain, so sometimes I know in my heart he hurts, but I don't  truly understand the pain that  makes him feel alone.  

WE all face it in different issues.  Divorce, Death, Money Issues, Gossip, Loss of Job, the list goes on and on and our issues all look different.  Yet we all face them.  Nobody understands everything.  Accepting that we just don't get it sometimes helps to realize who we need to really depend on and grow with during the difficult times.

So today and everyday cling to the verse from Isaiah and remember you are precious, you are honored, you are loved and God does see you and God does know you!  Remember the lost sheep?  God knew all His sheep and that means you and me!  

Sweet blessings,

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