Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blessed by the Fire!

Today in church the topic is "Blessed by the Fire" and boy can I relate! It is true I was blessed by the fire that took my home and belongings as I knew it at the time!
I am now back home and blessed to be back home. My home is lovely, but that is not the true blessing of this event in my journey. The true blessing is the intimate relationship that I now have with My Savior! Oh I've had a relationship, but not the one I have now! Now I look for Him everywhere! The experience of the fire taught me that God is with me and I knew this before the fire, but not like now. Oh how I wish that I would have looked for him before like I do now.
Why do we wait for the difficult times to look for God? Why don't we share the good times as well as the bad? God wants us all the time!!
The fire blessed me because I now have the relationship with God that I know He wanted me to always experience! The laughter, tears, and most of all just knowing that God is right there with me every step of the way.
Recently, I got a letter in the mailbox from a Doctor that would have scared me for weeks before the fire. Now I haven't given it much thought ~ I gave it to God. I don't know what that appointment will hold for me, but I know that God will hold my hand good or bad news. I'm finally trusting and believing with all my heart and it feels good!!!
Don't wait until your fire! Look for God and share the journey with Him!
Blessed by the Fire,

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