Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Lord Closed the Door

I love this image of doors! You know that I am presently reading the Bible in Chronological order and one of the readings that truly spoke to my heart so far is From Genesis 7. It is the story of Noah and the flood and God giving Noah the instructions on all the right things to take along in the ark. Never before had this verse jumped out at me ~ like this time...Then the Lord closed the door behind them.
How often I've wondered why it seemed like a missed opportunity or a chance just went away. Well, it hit me that God probably closed the door behind me! God took care of Noah and his valuable load on the ark and He takes care of us. Whether He is closing a door or opening the door He is in charge, if we allow Him to open and shut the doors.
Don't you love the image above? Place God in your home, office, or other places today and allow Him to open and close the right doors for you. I love the image of some being opened and others closed ~ after all only God knows the right way to open and close the next door in our journey!
Happy openings and closings,


Frankie said...

I love the pictures that you have used. They are beautiful. As you said, in the case of Noah and the Ark, their very lives depended on God closing that door. I think it is hard to understand why some doors are closed until much farther down the road of life.

Callie said...
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Callie said...

I don't know where my comment went--anyway, I was saying that I really appreciated your interpretation of this passage; it's something I had not thought of before. I'm enjoying your blog so far!