Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No worries!

Reading this morning about Joseph was so interesting! I could picture him running to meet his brothers with the long coat on and the brothers shouting among each other HERE'S THE DREAMER NOW! I could hear Joseph bragging telling them about his dreams...Imagine their pain of the little brother that father so obviously adored..

God was with Joseph. He was with Joseph in the cistern, being dragged to be sold, with Potiphar buying Joseph. The verse that got my attention was that Potiphar had no worries other than what kind of food to eat...Just because Joseph was with him in his home and the Lord was with Joseph - Potiphar had no worries. Just because he was close to Joseph he was taken care of...Do you think Potiphar really ever realized about Joseph's Lord? Once Joseph was gone, do you think he realized and believed? It tells us that he realized while Joseph was with him in verse 3, but I want to know about after he took Joseph to jail. What did he believe then?

Even in prison...God was with him. Once again, he did good things even in prison. He was at the top of the prison order in no time...God is so good..He is with us in Our prisons, cisterns, homes, churches, whatever and wherever we are and whatever we are doing...we are never alone.

The picture above is about peace and the peace that this fact should bring to each of us! We are never alone. God is with us!!!


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Frankie said...

I liked the way you referred to "our" prisons. Those prisons don't have to be physical. They very well could be emotional. Thank God that He is with us where ever we are.