Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A man nobody wants to like ...

Anybody hazard a guess about who I might be referring to?



After reading Mesu Andrews thoughts on the book by Tosca Lee, "Iscariot" I decided to read the book.  It does make you think about the man who was once a little boy that had things happen in his life that caused him to make a really bad decision.  Tosca Lee takes us on a journey through the political situations and the people of the time.  I am being given a lot of food for thought about Judas.

Judas is a person that most people never want to feel anything for, but dislike even hatred.  To admit that through this book I am realizing that like all of us there is more to the story.  I know this is a fictional account of Judas, but the research that went into this book lasted 3 long years looking at the time and the possibilities.  
I am only half way through the book and will share more as I read on, but my first thoughts are read it for yourself.  It will challenge you.  It will make you ask some questions that perhaps you never wanted to voice out loud before?  It will make your faith stronger because I think you will truly realize how much you are loved. 

Tosca Lee put it beautifully on the back cover of her book, "History has called him nay things: Thief. Liar. Traitor. Reviled throughout history and infamous for his suicide, he is the man whose very name is synonymous with betrayal...And he is the only disciple that Jesus called "friend."

I can't tell you that I find this an easy read.  I am not just zooming through eager to find out what happens next...after all we know the ending to the story, but it is opening my eyes.  It is a difficult read, because of the true horrible things that happen in life.  It's not a fairy tale story, but yet I feel God's love reminding us that life isn't a fairy tale.  Life is difficult, but He is with us.  It's challenging, but He gives us the tools.  It's filled with love, because He paid the price.

Might want to put this on your summer read list.

Sweet blessings,

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