Thursday, July 3, 2014

I love to read!

I love to read!  I saw this photo and if I could fit in a book...well it would probably be me!

I love to share good books with those of you that stop by this blog.

Today, I am sharing two books that are really good and should be on your reading list for the summer.

First, is "Love Skip Jump" by Shelene Bryan and second is "In The Field of Grace" by Tessa Afshar.

Absolutely wonderful books that will stir your heart and make you think.

"Love Skip Jump" is about saying Yes to God and beginning an amazing adventure.  Shelene did just that and she is truly on an amazing adventure.  Read this book and allow God to speak to your soul about your adventure!  Humor is woven throughout the book along with God showing up in amazing ways.

"In the Field of Grace" is wonderful.  It is a Christian fiction book about Ruth and indeed she responded Yes to the adventure that God had for her!  I've always loved the story of Ruth, but Tessa wrote the people with such care that they truly come to life for you.  Boaz was indeed a wonderful man that you will love from the very beginning of the book.  I truly fell in love with him and his caring heart for all around him.  Tessa developed him to be a man that all people loved not only Ruth!  

Both of these women are shouting YES Lord and writing books that will spur others to shout YES too!  Don't miss out on either of these wonderful books this summer.  You may purchase them from and begin an adventure!

I purchased Love Skip Jump and was sent "In the Field of Grace" from a contest.  I wasn't ask to encourage anybody to buy them, but just wanted to share them both with any readers looking for a good read!  Need something for the beach?  the mountains? the swing in the backyard?  Either of these would be great for any of setting.

I hope you find yourself in the middle of an awesome book shouting yes,

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