Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Which direction are you running?

I've had something on my heart that I feel compelled to write about...not really something that I want to, but something I feel I must.

Do you remember the story of Jonah?  Not the whale part, but the part about the Lord telling Jonah to go to Ninevah and preach against it, because of its wickedness.  Now Jonah knowing who God truly is and was  - ran just as quickly as he could the opposite direction.  Why?  Well, he didn't want the people to change.  He didn't like the people and he wanted them to fail.  But he knew God and in turn realized God's power knowing He would change the people.  Not Jonah, but God would change their hearts.

Is that what we might be doing today in our world perhaps?  I don't want to think that way, but...

Are you running away from something that God is calling you to do?  Is it because you don't want something to happen?  Is it because of your own fears?  Why?  

Recently, I had a friend ask me a question that went something like this...Deb, is there anything that they can say that will change your opinion?  I said immediately.  No, because I believe God's Word.  I know God is mightier, more powerful and exactly who He tells us He is through His amazing Word!  I believe it.  Does that make it any easier to face the situations in the world today?  No...we are like Jonah and at times we want to run the opposite direction, just like Jonah.

I share honestly the world is in turmoil. (in case you are living in a hole or something)  When innocent people are shot down from the air, when bombs are going off, people are shooting at each other because, they don't want them in their block; we don't live in a peaceful world.  I haven't even brought up issues that cause even more division between us than some of these.  I ask you today take a good long look at the story of Jonah.  I don't care if you believe the part about the whale... but I do!  After all, we aren't talking about you or me making anything happen...We are talking about A God that brought His Son into this world to save us and die on the cross for us and come back to walk among us again. 

 If you believe that Jesus came back from death, how is it that you can't believe a simple whale swallowing a man story?  Doesn't sound to difficult to me and honestly it gives me peace to know just how big God truly is!  Are you willing to make a difference in the world by running into a situation to share God's amazing love?  

Next time you want to be like Jonah and run the opposite direction - go ahead...See what God puts in your path along that path going the opposite direction!  In the long run, I believe to have peace you will turn in obedience and run where you are called.  So, run today to your Ninevah!  God will persist just like He did with Jonah!

Sweet blessings,

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