Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I love this book!

I don't care, if you like sports or not you will be encouraged by reading this book.  I am a sports person and I am also a book person.  I still wondered would this book be worth my time and it truly was and is.  

I gauge a book by do I remember it once I finish it.  Did it move me to want to share it with others?  Does it change my way of thinking about something?  Does it give me hope?  And a really big one is this question.  Is is worth my time?  

Yes to all of the above.  I have always like Tim Tebow.  I admired his courage for standing up for his beliefs whether it was popular or not.  Yet, I still wasn't sure if this would move me and well it did.  

Tim was real and opened up about hurt, pain, doubt, fear, and all of these he faced in the public eye.  We face our fears in private not for the world to offer its opinion with each situation you face.  Tim is honest with his hurt and his questions that he was asking deep inside his soul.  

I think what touched me most is the way he shared the people that God brought into his life to touch and help him deal with his own journey.  People that faced cancer, a loss of their dream, or those that offered hope when others might not see hope.  

The book is a quick read that will stir your soul.  Tim shared a story that touched me so deeply and is a wonderful reminder that each of us matter so very much.  It is a story about an American missionary, Sam Wodgemuth that spoke to hundreds of young people in New Delhi, India.  After pouring his heart out, pouring his soul into these young people, he invited the people to trust in Jesus and to come forward to the front.

Only one person came forward.  Sam shared his disappointment and he couldn't believe that no one else came forward.  But the one man was Dr. Ravi Zacharias.  Check out who this is, if you don't know.  Google him.  One person matters!  He went for one person and the one person was Dr. Ravi Zacharias.  Tim sharing this story is a wonderful reminder that everyone matters even one!

Tim continued sharing from this story into the Bible story of Jesus feeding the crowds.  He made me think about questions from this story that made me think deeper.  The little boy that offered his basket of fish and loaves of bread.  Was he afraid to speak up to the disciples?  Did he wrestle with the decision?  Did he worry about people making fun of him?  After all, how could his little basket make a difference?  

Powerful thought-provoking and so much more, but I don't like to give away too much.  I want you to order the book and read it for yourself.  I want you to give it to someone that needs encouragement and hope!  I want you to read it with open eyes and heart and forget any opinion you may have one way or the other on the person Tim Tebow.  Allow God to use Tim to speak into your soul.

I happen to believe Tim is a fine young man that is allowing God to shine through him anyway possible, but honestly it doesn't matter what I only matters what God thinks and Tim is willing to let each person  think what we want while he serves God openly and very authentically!

I was given this book to give my honest review of it, but I've already ordered my first one for a gift!  Order your copy today!

Sweet blessings,
Debbie Covington

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