Sunday, October 2, 2016

True Beauty

Isaiah 61:3 bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,...

Friday night lights is where I truly witnessed this scripture come to life, since I had experienced it with my house fire.  Ashes represent loss, dirt, feeling ugly, crumbled up, and the crown beauty and transformation.  I know I've seen it in between these two experiences, but these two are very profound moments.  Where God truly showed up and spoke to my heart.  One moment I was right in the middle and the other I was just an observer, but yet I felt the scripture come to life.  God is so very good!

I was at the Evangel football game watching my nephew get to begin his football high school journey in a real sense.  He played for one whole half and midway beginning in the 2nd quarter.  He did great and I am a proud aunt, but this isn't the moment this blog is about...this is a human moment that I am sharing because I am a proud aunt.  Forgive me as I digress.

The moment happened at halftime.  It was homecoming and not being a regular I had noticed that many girls were really dressed up and many parents as well, but little did I know they were all queens!  Yes, they all took to the field to have their moment.  I am talking all senior girls, all shapes and sizes, all races, all book types and cheerleaders, all girls were the queens!  I happen to be sitting near a couple of the girls before half time and I noticed the excitement and the sparkle in their eyes.  Yes, girls that would perhaps never be recognized in such a manner were having their moment and they knew they were special.  The scripture was even shared several times from the announcer and you knew that each girl indeed believed it.  I had tears in my eyes and joy in my heart with realization that all young (and old) people need to know they are special.  

What a special moment to share with people I did not know, but a moment that reminded everyone we matter!  It doesn't matter what we look like.  It doesn't matter what we have or don't have.  It only matters that we know Jesus and that we are all beautiful in His eyes!  Evangel job well done with reminding all of us what truly matters and providing sparkle to ALL!

Sweet blessings,

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Linda Perkins said...

What a lovely way to make girls feel special rather than excluded!!!