Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fabulous book while you wait!

Do you wait well?  Well, this book is great to help with the wait!  

Need help, when you have been in a difficult time and it seems like it is going to last forever?  Well, this book will help you to look for moments in the wait that will change you deep in your soul.

Wendy Pope is a real woman that shares truth.  I absolutely love Wendy and don't know her that well, but when God uses someone to change your own journey they are special to you always and forever.  I am not sure how long ago I attended a conference that Proverbs 31 Ministries put together and I attended one of Wendy's sessions.  She challenged each of us to read the Bible through in a year and to watch the difference it would make in our life.  It did and it does!  I will forever be grateful that I could see in Wendy's eyes a sparkle that I desired and she was willing to share that it was all about God's Word.  Her book will add even more sparkle to a girl's eyes.  

Once again in this beautiful book, "Wait and See" by Wendy Pope she does it again.  I never realized how much our stories are alike and yet different.  When we walk in shoes that fit it makes the journey so much easier!  Wendy was real, honest, and vulnerable.  She shared things that weren't easy to share, but made the book so very helpful I know to many women and men.  Infertility, Husband job issues, health issues, job issues, the list goes on and on.  Real issues that we all face in life and we are made to wait.  What will we do with the wait?  Will it be useful?  

When a woman shares that she doesn't understand the why's of her life, it just opens the door for growth.  In our world today pretending seems more acceptable, but yet nobody is finding truth.  In Wendy's book, God is on every page and in turn things will change in our own wait periods if we allow the steps from David's story and Wendy's story to help us.  Is it easy to wait?  Is it really necessary?  Will the wait ever end?  Do you just want the wait to be done and over?  Well, please help yourself by ordering Wendy's book today from,, or any other book outlet.  It will make a difference in your journey.

Again, I must thank Wendy Pope for allowing God to use her to change my life and I hope that you will order her book today and allow God to use Wendy to help change yours!  I was given this book by the publisher to read and review, but will be ordering for folks I love!

Sweet blessings,
Debbie Covington

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