Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cooked or Not?

Ezekiel 24:1 -24

Once again, I ask that you read this passage.

Picture a cooking pot on a burning fire, instead of wonderful food placed in that pot it is the leaders, the families, the soldiers, and all the other people. Nobody was different all were alike in that they could not be cleaned up. Imagine all the people were "zimmah" filled with the worst impurities possible! Original word for awful stuff that God had cleaned, but once again they adopted abominations.

Sounds terrible. What an awful vision to have and yet two prophets had the same vision. Remember in Jeremiah 1:13, he also had a vision of the cooking pot. Ezekiel was a priest that used pots a lot, so he knew exactly what God was saying.

It was going to be a very severe siege, when you read verse 10 ~ heap on the wood. It had to be really bad to get the bad stuff out! We all know how much God loved and loves His people and yet He knew the only way to clean them up was to place them in the middle of a huge fire. A huge uproar of violence to get rid of the ugly zimmah that overtook all people and absolutely nothing was going to stop it! A siege was going to happen to get rid of the sins.

I cannot imagine the pain that this vision caused both Ezekiel and Jeremiah and yet no one listened. Not one, but two men with a vision of a cooking pot for all the people. How could they not listen?

How do we not listen? When God places people along our path that warns us or shares God's Word and yet we don't listen? Are we any different? Well, maybe our "zimmah" isn't quite so bad, but then God doesn't weigh our sins, does He? They all are the same to Him and yet we close our hearts and our ears to hear of a better way ~ God's way!

Some of us feel like we are in a cooking pot right now, don't you? Are you willing to open your hearts and ears to God's desires for your path? Are we willing to change our ways or do we want to watch the fire heating up around us? Not a pretty vision to place in one's head, but one that maybe we might consider more…God's way or the other? Which way sounds better to you? I know I like to cook, but I don't want to be what's cooking!

Sweet blessings,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, I like your question : "How do we not listen?" I thought of how the people didn't listen in Noah's day. The people wouldn't listen to the prophets. Some wouldn't listen to Jesus. Some won't listen now. Is that "some" me?

I know that I really don't won't the fire heating up around me. Like you said, I like to cook too, but I don't want to what's cooking!