Friday, August 13, 2010


Jeremiah 50: 4 -5

They will come weeping and seeking the LORD their God.

They will ask the way to Jerusalem and will start back home again. They will bind themselves to the LORD with an eternal covenant that will never be forgotten.

Have you ever been lost and stopped to ask directions? What about the times that you are with a person that will not ask directions? The person is just belligerent that they know the way to leave them alone and that they do not need any help finding the way?

It happened to us once in Chicago. My dad refused to get help until after about an hour or more and by this time we were one unhappy family. We were mad at him and he was mad at us, because we all knew the right way.

Don't you think God gets so upset with us, because we cry, we ask, we cry some more and finally we come to Him? We beg forgiveness and we head back to what is familiar.

When I read this verse it hit me just how often I've done this, my loved ones have done this, friends have done this and I'm sure strangers have as well. When I was studying this verse one commentary mentioned that some people are not able to make a final decision to serve the LORD and that those not DETERMINED to reach heaven never will. Did you catch that? Are you determined? Have you messed around long enough? Are you ready to get yourself right with God?

Do you know God is Jehovah? Do you know He is forever God? Are you ready to return to Him and only Him? Well, then accept that Christ died for you and for me! Look at the Cross and remember the pain that Christ suffered for each of us. We are forever bound to God because of what Christ did for us!

Never ever do I want to make this less than exactly what it is a act of love that never ever will my little pea brain be able to comprehend it, but I do accept it! I know with all my heart and believe that Christ indeed died for me. Grace, Grace, Grace

Are you seeking? Please pray and forever bind yourself to the LORD and never ever forget what was done for us!

Sweet blessings,



debbie said...

I had to share with everybody that this morning I picked 3 pictures to post with this writing and none would allow me to post until this one. The first was a picture of the bible with communion and the crown of thorns, the second a couple asking directions, and finally this one with the woman at the foot of a mountain with the cross at the top. Always remember the cross when seeking direction!

Frankie said...

Debbie, I love that story about you and your family being lost and your dad not stopping to ask for directions. I think that most of us have been in a situation like that before. It is funny now but not so funny at the time.

That is an interesting thought that the commentary made about how some people are unable to make that final decision to serve the Lord. That is a new thought for me as to why people don't choose Jesus. Something to ponder.