Sunday, December 30, 2012

Are you ready? Ready, Set, Go...

The ending of another year and the beginning of another, but are you ready?  What resolutions are you making or do you even make resolutions?  I don't, because I don't seem to keep them other than one I made about five years ago now and that was to read the Bible through in a year.  I kept it and it forever changed my life!

I tell you that with all honesty!  I was already a Christian.  I already worked in the local church and loved my walk with Christ, but I wanted more and the more was Him.  I wanted more of Him and the way to have more of Jesus is in His Word, so I encourage you to get ready, get set and go with me again this year through God's Word.  Allow Him to transform you even more through an amazing journey of His Words forever changing you for the better!

We (JOS) use the Chronological Bible New Living Translation and it is awesome.  Order it through Amazon, go to Lifeway, or we have them at JOS office (will be closed until January 8) just make arrangements to join us for this race that you will definitely be a winner in the end!

Winning because of God's Word changing me everyday,

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