Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mary or Joseph? Who amazes you the most?

Never will the amazing story of Jesus impending birth stop being a wow moment for me and for this I give thanks!  Stop this morning and ponder it for yourself and give yourself an amazing present to begin another busy day during this Christmas season.  A time that we celebrate the birth of Our Savior is a time to really look at the story and exactly how God worked the whole timing out for everyone.

A young girl perhaps 14 years of age is visited by Gabriel and told that she is going to give birth to Our Savior.  Imagine this wonderful news for a moment, did she view it as wonderful the whole time even in those quiet moments that had to enter her mind of whether she might die from stoning in the process?  Did she view it as wonderful when the people whispered loudly behind her back?  Did she truly realize that she was going to be the mother to Our Savior and her own?  Only God could work these things and so much more out in a 14 years old mind or anyone's for that matter!

Then you have this wonderful man by the name of Joseph.  Joseph a simple carpenter who loved Mary.  Are we told he loved her?  No, but in Matthew we are told that when he heard this news he did not want to publicly call her out no he wanted to divorce her quietly.  You know he had to be a little mad or angry, but yet something kept him from loudly declaring anything.  Once again an angel appeared on the scene to explain things to Joseph and he accepted this huge responsibility of being an earthly male figure in the life of Jesus.  A man that would teach the Savior about things here on earth and you know he did not want to mess up his role in the life of Jesus.  Joseph was indeed a special man!

It is hard to pick which one of these special people amazes me the most.  I love them both and their willingness to be obedient to God's plan for their life knowing in their heart that He would work it all out for them to just accept it and move forward.  Let's learn from these two amazing people about obedience and acceptance moving forward with the plan that God indeed has for each of us.

Sweet blessings,

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