Friday, December 14, 2012

Tic Tock! Tic Tock!

Well, it is time to fess up!  Yes, I've been in a major crisis mode for the last several months.  People that know me well knew, but others I think I was wearing my masks pretty well! Yes I would wear a different mask for different people.  Am I alone in this or perhaps you do this as well? I was pretending everything was just rosy and well actually it wasn't!  There I said it and I feel so much better!

Nobody needs to know details other than for me to say it was something God was working on with me, individually.  It was some major reshaping that I wasn't really enjoying.  I am beginning to feel the new shape and allowing Him to do His masterwork on me ~ even if it is difficult!  It is very difficult!  Saying no to the world is not always easy and honestly we must make this choice daily!  Even if it is just to say yes and no to the world and spend time with Him!  Busy work that we call for Him is sometimes a cover that needs to be uncovered for a honest look at what might be going on.

 I purchased Beth Moore's Bible study on the book of James when it first came out.  I've had it right by my desk at home for almost two years (I know it came out in 2011 not sure of month) well it's almost 2013.  Did I open it?  Not until the last six weeks and I must say there is absolutely nothing like God's timing!  He knows when to give us exactly what we need and when.  I love it!  When I finally decide to pick up a study to take a closer look that I order knowing that God will tell me when it always surprises me!  Why?  Because God is God and well I'm just little old Debbie plugging along filling in my calendar, working on my to do list and zap...God rocks my world!  Thanking Him for rocking my world!  Reminding me just how HUGE HE IS!

Today, all I wanted to share is I'm thanking God for His amazing timing, His discipline out of His love, His Amazing Grace, and His love beyond measure!  Thank You Father for giving me exactly what I need when I need it and for opening my eyes to see, my ears to hear even when it is painful.  I love you dearly!  Amen

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, thanks for being real with us. I know that God will show me what needs to be "uncovered" for an honest look at myself.