Monday, December 31, 2012

Memory work...

I took this picture back in the fall when I was in Colorado.  I loved this picture and I wanted to remember it, so I made sure to put it on my computer where I could find it.  I like to tuck things away on my desk, in my Bible, on my computer, in my office that will be reminders of special things I've seen or heard, or someone sent me.  Memories or treasures that provide hope, remind me of a special time of love, or a much need laugh!

What do you commit to your memory?  Once again I was challenged when I received my update blog post from Living Proof Ministry with Beth Moore about memorizing scripture in the new year.  I've never been a person that like to memorize anything.  I got myself in big trouble when I was in high school and we were suppose to memorize some William Shakesphere see I don't even know how to spell the mans name right!  Anyway, I struggled terribly with it because I didn't apply myself and I didn't like it so I refused to do it!  I do have a very stubborn streak and it cost me big time!  My grade showed I did not memorize and well let's just say Mary and Howard were not happy with me!  I wasn't either deep down I knew I could have done it, but I didn't really because I didn't want to.

When I got this blog posting from Living Proof I decided I wanted to take this step this year and put some scripture into my heart.  Scripture that I can cling to on that difficult day when I need a little hope, scripture that I can grasp when I have nothing else to hold on to...God's Word that will fill that empty spot in my heart!  Now don't get me wrong I do know some scripture by heart, but not nearly what I feel I should know.  So I'm off beginning tomorrow learning a new scripture each week!  Yes, hopefully by the end of 2013 I will have 52 new scriptures added to my memory bank to cherish, to treasure, and to refresh me!

My first one was shared by a sweet friend of mine on the JOS Facebook page this morning from Proverbs 16:9 and I decided to memorize the NIV version of this scripture.  It goes like this ~ In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.  It was so appropriate for me to begin with this verse since I talk about shoes a lot with my ministry about wearing our own shoes and not someone else's!  WE need to also let the Lord determine our steps and He determined this one for me about memorizing more of HIS Words!  Want to join me well it's time to pick one and begin the journey for 2013!

Treasuring God's Word by studying His Word reading the Chronological Bible and also memorizing His Words that is my excitement for the new year.  What is your excitement?

Sweet blessings,

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