Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Praise the Lord

Psalm 89: 1 ~ I will sing of the Lord's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness know through all generations.

It is so true that I will sing.  You may not want to sit by me, but I'm going to sing of His love, His grace, and His faithfulness and I'm going to share it too!  Always...
I am having a wonderful summer and just want to share a little bit of it with my friends. 

Well, we have had a little bit of stuff happen unexpectedly.  Myself and JJ had to have b-9 growths removed, but we are both doing fabulous with wonderful results.  Now JJ may not look exactly wonderful here and he gets this thing off on Friday, but he is great!  I am great!

love, love the farmers market...lots of wonderful people and lots of cool stuff check it out for yourself every Saturday under the bridge beginning at 7 and lasting until noon.  I get there early better parking and cooler!

I practice with my camera and love coming home to see how they turn out!

I can't talk enough about the beautiful flowers.  A huge bunch of flowers for $8.00.  Not only huge, but pretty!  I love them!

  Even the beauty of the fruits and veggies are hard to describe!

More of the cherries!  Kenny loves cherries so I had to get him some of these...


Flags from the big 4th celebration abound and they were blowing in the nice breeze! 

Even one on the bridge which touched my heart!

I went to the sunflower trail into town last weekend, this weekend for a different view I went the opposite direction.  You know it does look different going and coming.  Beautiful sunflowers everywhere.

This time it was neat to spot the church steeple coming into view across the field

Coming closer and closer...

My beautiful flowers arranged in my kitchen to enjoy and be reminded of my wonderful day!

Remember today the words from Psalm 89: 52 ~
Praise be the LORD forever! Amen and Amen

Sweet blessings,


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Covnitkepr1 said...

Beautiful sots of the flowers...His creation always comes out right.

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Frankie said...

Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!