Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are we one of the 9 or the 1?

Did you say thank you for waking up this morning?

Last night in our Bible study group we looked at Luke 17: 11-19, the story of the ten lepers.  Imagine for a moment 10 people that are hurting, alone, disappointed, fearful, filled with shame and so many other feelings going through a group of people set apart from everyone else.  Have you ever been isolated or shut off from others?  Well, that is how this group would have felt until one day when Jesus passed by and they shouted out to Him, to please have pity on them.  Jesus responded, "Go, show yourselves to the priests."  Believe and walk is all they had to do.  Along the way they were healed.  Do you know the joy?  The moment you realize that you have been healed of the pain of isolation or being set apart; do you remember the feeling?

Imagine, the joy.  Imagine, the healing that went throughout their very beings.  Yet, only one returned to give thanks to the One who provided the end to all of their misery.

So often we get caught up in what we are doing that I wonder do we fall into the same situation? We get caught up in the gift and we forget the gift giver?  Do we remember where our focus should be?

Honestly, I fail miserably at times.  I don't want to, but I do.  

Perhaps, they thought they were just being obedient doing exactly what Jesus told them to do, but I think they got caught up in themselves and their healing and forgot about the one that provided the healing.  In order, to grasp the fullness of Jesus we must fall at His feet with thanks to receive all that He is offering.  Healing that is so beyond the physical...A healing that only He provides.

Forgive me Father when I take my eyes off of you ~ The Great Healer and I fail to realize all that You do and all that You are!  

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

I want to be thankful like the "one" but I usually fall into the other group. I am working on being more like the one! Please help me Lord!