Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Love to read!

I know for some of you...well all of us this year this is a beautiful sight!  The picture just allows us to feel the breezes blowing and to smell the flowers blooming while you are surrounded by God's creation with a beautiful, wonderful book!

I can't wait!

So don't!

Instead, light the fire, grab a warm blanket and curl up on the couch and read a wonderful book!  I read one this past weekend that is absolutely fabulous!  It is by one of my favorite authors, Mesu Andrews.  Mesu knows how to take twist and turns to totally bring you into the story, where you are living it too!  I will write more about this fabulous book that will come out in a few weeks, which is entitled , "In The Shadow of Jezebel".

  In the meantime, you could read one of her other books which are great as well they are "Love Amid the Ashes", "Love's Sacred Song, and "Love in a Broken Vessel".  God uses Mesu to bring these very beautiful stories from His Word to life.  God truly opened my eyes to so much more by reading Christian fiction.  The authors study and research so much that you learn a lot about the time  and how things truly were.  Allow God to open your eyes by reading and learning more and then return to His Word to allow Him to grow you even more!

I encourage you to give yourself a gift by moving right on over to or where ever you purchase your books to purchase yourself a gift that will forever change the way you might view the stories found in God's Word.  I know for me ~ it changed me!  It allowed me to realize that just like us they were broken people that needed God and HE loves us just like HE loved them!  The stories provide hope and hope is needed daily by each one of us!

Thanks Mesu for sharing your heart and hard work with all of us!

Sweet blessings,


Mesu Andrews said...

Thank You, Debbie, for reading IN THE SHADOW OF JEZEBEL, and sharing with your friends that you enjoyed it! If you (or anyone else) has any questions, please contact me through my website!

Thanks again! Blessings on you, sweet sister! ;)

Becky Hartsfield said...

Debbie, I totally agree with you! Mesu's books are far more than just Christian fiction. Following the reading of each book, I've experienced a spiritual growth spurt because these books are spiritual food for the spirit and soul!