Friday, February 28, 2014

Hope found!

Imagine surrounded by evil.  I'm talking bad.  No, I'm talking evil.  A story found in the old testament of a very brave young woman that saves the future king and saves the line of David!

I always love to picture myself in these stories and try to figure out how I would feel and let me tell you surrounded by the women this young woman was surrounded with I've got one word ~ SCARED!  Imagine, it Jezebel and Athaliah.  Not women that you would want to share a lunch with after all you might become the lunch!  Seriously, they are bad, bad, bad to the core!  Yet, Mesu Andrews is able to weave this story into an amazing story filled with transformation of this woman from feelings of fear at every turn to a confidence exuding with God's Light providing the way ~ HIS!

Perhaps, many will relate this book to the evil that surrounds our present day world.  I know at times when I was reading the book I thought to myself, "Wow, that sounds like now".  Which isn't a good thing, but I was filled with hope.  Reminded that God indeed does provide a way ~ HIS way.  

I was able to participate with a conference call yesterday with Mesu Andrews.  She was delightful sharing how one of her desires is to provide hope.  Well, she succeeds!  She reminded us that it is a choice daily to be happy.  Also, stories and life don't always have that happy ending, but they must be real and provide hope.  

The book was a wonderful reminder of broken people that God loves and will use if we let Him.  It's our choice.  It is just like when we choose to be filled with hope or despair.  He lets us pick Him.  He loves us so very much that He does everything imaginable to pursue us, but we must pick Him and that is what this book provides such a beautiful picture of...a woman surrounded completely with evil yet she picks God to serve not evil.  Rather than being filled with the despair that the evil of Jezebel and Athaliah brought, she was filled with hope and God's love!

Friends, you know I love you, so today I encourage you order this book from, or  I don't care where just get this book and be filled with hope and reminded of God's amazing love!

Sweet blessings,

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