Monday, April 7, 2014

"Uncovered" written by Rod Tucker book review

A book about truth!

Truth in the church and community.

Being real!

Does it sound good?  Do you think you are a part of such a community?  Well...this is a very honest book about this topic.  I found it heartbreaking, but very real. After all, we all want to believe that every one is real at church, right?  Well, aren't they? Not really...we know it should be real, but instead a lot of us pretend we have got this thing called life all figured out...Instead of growing in honesty the church doesn't grow because of all the pretending going on!  Not always and not everybody, but a large majority of masks are being worn.

 At times, I was uncomfortable because honesty at times is uncomfortable.  Sometimes truth hurts. It also brings down walls that need to come down, so it is a great book to read that will perhaps take off the scales that might be on your own eyes.

I loved the chapter where Rod wrote a letter from Paul to the church of North America.  Talk about getting you to honestly look at where we are as a community of believers ~ it does.  Right off the bat calling us "self-centered Americans gets your attention or at least it did mine.  The letter mentions that the size of the church isn't what matters it's the gospel!  The letter ask big questions for all of us to ponder...such as "Why must we always be the best?  Why does it need to be the biggest and most elaborate?  

I don't remember exactly where in the book, but Rod makes the point of life isn't easy, but we don't want to tell others the truth about made me think about how at times it seems everyone wants to pretend that life is wonderful!  No problems and well we all know this is so fake...If we can't be honest in our church community and share real truths then how will the church survive?

Biblical truths are shared throughout the book with grace, grace, grace happening always!  I loved the book which is a very easy read.  It's not too long, it's not too short.  It gets right to the point shedding all the masks we might wear daily to share real truth.  Real hard truth that allows real change to happen because of the honesty and God's grace.

Rod shares right in the beginning some of his own truths.  He brought down any pretense sharing his own truths, which I think touched my heart to realize how big this topic truly is...A welcome approach that a pastor is willing to share his own truths to help change the world in our church community.  The way to begin is by each of us sharing our truths to help each other.  

Order the book from today.  Again, the book is "Uncovered" written by Rod Tucker and I was given this book to read and share about on this blog.  


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