Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shepherds living out in the fields

Shepherds with their sheep really impress me and especially after this past summer when we came upon a shepherd at the top of Cinnamon Pass and Engineers Pass in Colorado with his sheep all down in a valley below.  Sheep filled the valley and this individual was all alone with the sheep.  So many and they covered such a huge area of land there in the mountains.  Absolutely breathtaking and I am only able to imagine the scene described in Luke 2 of the shepherds being out in the fields nearby watching over their flocks.

Suddenly an angel appeared and the glory of the LORD shown all around.  Imagine, the beauty and the feelings of awe these men felt when suddenly the news of Jesus was given and suddenly a heavenly host appeared with the angel and began to sing praise to God.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.

Imagine it!  Imagine the honor of being one of those shepherds that was working that night!  How these men could even speak afterwards amazes me.  I wonder how long they were quiet after it was over before they spoke the words - Let's go...they left and found the baby laying in a manager.  

Special people to God that they were able to share such an awesome moment!  God uses all of us whether we rank high or low in other peoples estimation.  Only God picks those He will use, but I think it is really about who is willing to say "YES"!

He knew the shepherds would leave immediately and share the moment!

He knows!

Sweet blessings,

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