Monday, December 26, 2011


Reading from Jude this morning I was struck with the passage beginning in chapter 1:12 the visuals that the author put in my mind of certain people.  Are these people trying to help us or hurt us?

Jude is warning us about certain people and in verse 12 he brings to mind several metaphors that help us visualize people that eat and fellowship with us sharing about the LORD'S love, but yet they are dangerous as a reef that can shipwreck you, or they are like shepherds that only care for themselves, or clouds that pass over but don't give any rain, or trees that bear no fruit.  Do you know these people?  Do you wonder if any of these people surround you?

Be strong!  Be faithful!  Read God's Word and know in your heart the words are true!  God's Word is God Breathed and He provides the guidance to our ship's path!  He is our GPS system for life!  WE need no other director.  If we are tuned in to Him, the ones that are dangerous will not be able to penetrate and place doubt in our small brains.  Tune in to the right frequency and we are able to shout no worries mate!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

That is really something to think about. Are there wolves in sheep's clothing surrounding us? I think so!