Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Review: "The Weight of Mercy by Deb Richardson Moore

My first words I want to share is that this book is a wonderful example of Deb's favorite scripture which is Mark 8:34 -- where Jesus says, "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."  I sent Deb a email with a few questions after reading her book and relating to so much of what Deb wrote about ministry serving the homeless.  The first was about her favorite scripture and I was so touched with her response.  Easy is not a word that is mentioned in the same breath with sharing about ministry with the homeless.  Rewarding, difficult, eye-opening, surprising, heart-warming, and so many other words describe this ministry, but never easy!  Deb's response about denying oneself is exactly what her ministry is all about along with sharing Jesus!

Deb shares beautifully through the story of the Triune Mercy Center in South Carolina exactly how she along with others are taking up the cross and following Jesus.  Jesus never told us it would be easy and it's not, which is exactly what she shares through this wonderful book.  The honestly of words shouted at her with anger, the awful smells that often times greet her upon arriving at her work along with the messy business of sharing about God's grace in a difficult setting.  Deb wasn't called to serve in a beautiful new sanctuary with the walls painted to match all the new pew swatches with the latest powerpoint worship setting; no she is called to minister to people that so desperately need to know about God's love where it isn't always easy to offer that hug is so needed!  She shares honestly that indeed it's not always what she wants to do, but it is where she is called to serve and serving is what this book is all about - service.

Finishing this book reminded me that people that enter into the Mercy Center must see hope when they look at Deb serving and digging knee deep into their world!  Allowing her world to be changed with the midnight phone calls of break-ins, or not giving up when the woman you placed so much hope into allowing her to serve and realizing that she is taking from the ministry, but yet she continues to show up daily to minister in their world!  Yes, she is the arms of Jesus to people that desperately need to feel those Mighty Arms!

I encourage you to purchase this book on Amazon.com and check it out for yourself.  I am including a special for your kindle to purchase this amazing book.  

Do you want your neatly wrapped package world to be rocked?  Well, purchase this book and read it to realize what getting down in the trenches might do to that neatly wrapped package!  Perhaps, God will use this book rock your world in a whole new way!  

Deb gets up daily to an adventure that God called her to and reading it you feel her passion for Jesus, you read about authentic real service with no pretense!  It's all about being real and Deb is just that being real for Her Savior! 

I hope you will read this wonderful book and share it with your friends!  I purchased the book for our office at Journey of Sisters, because I believe it is worth your time and your money!  A wonderful gift for yourself or your friends!

Sweet blessings,
Debbie Covington

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Deb Richardson-Moore said...

Debbie, I just saw this post, and wow! How kind of you. Thank you so much for your recommendation.

Deb Richardson-Moore