Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Honor your father and mother

I share a lot about my family and today is another day that I will share family stuff!  First I must share that I am very blessed with the gift of my parents and siblings!  We are very close and always say what we think to each other - sometimes not a good thing, but we always know that it doesn't matter what we say we love each other!  We are honest and yet we still know in our hearts that we are loved.

Our family hits a lot of milestones in November this year.  My parents will celebrate sixty years of marriage and my dad turns eighty.  Always I can tell you that my parents put us first in their life.  In early years of growing up we were their priority.  It wasn't about what social ladder they might climb, or what event they were missing always we were number one in their life.  We ate family dinner everyday at 5:00 together and shared about our day.  I am thankful that my parents knew how badly we needed them and so they placed us at the top of their list.  I love you both dearly for letting go of other stuff and making us your priority!

Second, my dad.  Any of you that know me know that I think he is number one.  He is a man with a heart as big as he is in size.  He helps others almost to a fault at times, but he taught us that people are what matters it is not the other stuff!  Many times I've watched him help and in turn he was teaching me what needed to be done in life.  I think the biggest compliment a girl pays her dad is when she marries someone a whole lot like her dad and I sure did that!  My hubby is exactly like my dad and I love them both beyond words!

Today is voting day and today is another first for my family.  All of you that know my dad know -  that he is a great business man, a man of opinions (whether you want it or not), a man with values, a man of compassion, but many of you may not know that he always supported candidates but did not actually vote.  Now this is not a good thing, but he felt this election was so very important that he admitted it was time to change this one detail in his journey.  So today at two weeks short of eighty he will make his path to the voting booth to actually pull the lever, because he felt this time he MUST take a stand that our country could not afford another 4 years.  Now I don't know how the election will turn out, but once again my dad is teaching me that  it is never too late to change your mind and follow your convictions even if it might be a little out what you had on your daily planner!  Also, both of my parents taught me that even if our man doesn't win the election today - we know that God will  win in the end!

Today, I am sharing about one of ten commandments from Exodus 20:12 - Honor your father and your mother...  I not only honor them I love them both beyond words!

Sweet blessings,

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